Mosquito Annoys Teenagers

#46. Mosquito Annoys Teenagers

High tech gadget

A security device that emits a high-pitched pulse audible only to people under twenty-five. With a range of 15 to 20 metres, the Mosquito Teen Deterrent is popular with shopkeepers seeking to drive away loitering youths. Newer versions of the Mosquito have been designed to affect people of all ages, while another version plays classical music at high volume.
The Welsh entrepreneur Howard Stapleton developed the Mosquito in 2005 after his daughter was harassed by youths while shopping. It was first introduced in the South Wales town of Barry, and has been commercially available since 2006. In response to the controversy surrounding its introduction, Mr. Stapleton has asked for legislation to be passed limiting its use to combat anti-social behaviour. The Mosquito received the Ig Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.


Compound Security Systems Ltd.; Shopkeepers

Location: Wales, United Kingdom; internationally; since 2005

Tools: Mosquito Teen Deterrent