Oranges Lead Nocturnal Walk

#9. Oranges Lead Nocturnal Walk

© Fallen Fruit

Urban vegetation

A Los Angeles law makes all fruit and vegetables growing over sidewalks “public,” so that even trees rooted in private yards may bear public fruit. The collective Fallen Fruit leads walks and makes maps of public fruit trees in the Los Angeles urban area. Fallen Fruit shows residents how to access a harvest of free food, and criticizes city planning that excludes productive planting on public land such as parks. Fallen Fruit holds jam-making parties using fruit collected from the public portions of the trees; they also produce liquor with public fruit. These products, like their ingredients, belong to the citizens of Los Angeles.


Fallen Fruit (David Burns, Matias Viegener, Austin Young); nocturnal foragers

Location: Los Angeles (Claremont, Larchmont, Sherman Oaks, and Silver Springs), California; Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA; since 2005

Tools: Fruit picker, shopping cart, map