Protest Takes Expressway to Power

#94. Protest Takes Expressway to Power

Proposal/Official document

A strike called by unions and student groups in support of the opposition political party turned into a protest against the dismissal of the governors of Venezuela’s state oil corporations. On 11 April 2002, about 200,000 people marched on the oil corporation’s headquarters. The protest detoured onto the Francisco Fajardo Highway to march 11 kilometres across Caracas to the Presidential Palace, where it came into conflict with a pro-government rally. Twenty people were killed in the clash. Later that evening, President Hugo Chávez was deposed in a coup d’état. He regained power two days later. Tali Hatuka is an Israeli architect and urban designer. Her research centres on the spatial choreography that interrelates urban design and civil protest.


Students; police; journalists

Location: Autopista Francisco Fajrado, Caracas, Venezuela, 11 April 2002

Tools: Signs, banners, noisemakers


Crowd Power