Recycled Materials Cultivate Slum

#69. Recycled Materials Cultivate Slum

Installed elements in Colombo, Minimum Cost Housing Group of McGill University, 2005 Photo: K.A. Jayaratne

Proposal/Official document

A participatory project to preserve and upgrade a five-hundred-family shantytown on the edge of Columbo while improving residents’ access to water and integrating agricultural spaces for the production of food and medicinal plants. Making the Edible Landscape sought to support the food security of the neighbourhood and integrate an organic waste-recycling system. The pilot project was a DIY garden made of recycled materials and constructed with residents; the program was expanded to include three hundred families.
The Local Project Working Group for Making the Edible Landscape was formed in 2004. UN-SCAP and the Dutch government are funding a Sevanatha-led upgrading of Halgaha Kumbura.


Minimum Cost Housing Group of McGill University (Vikram Bhatt, Leila Marie Farah), Colombo Municipal Council, Sevanatha – Urban Resource Centre

Location: Halgaha Kumbura, Columbo, Sri Lanka, since 2003

Tools: Planning proposal


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