Replicating Architecture

Replicating Architecture

Urban furniture

For the series digital art in public space: "Replicating architecture" is an interactive video installation for a site-specific place. "Replicating architecture" shows how the net art feeds (for example the rhizome news at: can influence and reshape an architecture placed in a real urban environment. In fact, through the patch 'RSS Downloader' in Quartz Composer, I can manage the rss feeds received from a web site and convert them into a sort of variable texture that I've constructed and shaped as a dna structure. It is made by aggregated lines connected to a several other patches that determine: phases, amplitudes, light environment, colours, xyz rotations, etc…
As the DNA configuration is vertical, I've selected a tower or an obelisk for the projection. In this illusory dimension, infinite lines generating emptiness and distances are "attracted" and skimmed one with the others, fading. Thanks to the Net-Art news, the architecture becomes an essential structure that draws a sort of fluctuating original human structure always in transformation.



Location: various