Search Finds Outlaw Playgrounds

#22. Search Finds Outlaw Playgrounds

Interactive map of informal play spaces in São Paulo, Basurama (


A research project and workshop on the reuse of residual urban spaces in central São Paulo, Lixurbana documented favourite street soccer sites, DIY playgrounds, and hangout spots that had been “constructed” under overpasses and in vacant lots. The data is presented as a Wikimap website, allowing outsiders to interact with the informal community that uses the spaces. Basurama was formed in 2002 at the Madrid School of Architecture. The collective works in Europe, the United States, and South America.


Basurama (Yago Bouzada Biurrun, Benjamin Castro Terán, Alberto Nanclares da Veiga, Juan López-Aranguren Blázquez, Rubén Lorenzo Montero, Manuel Polanco Pérez-Llantada, Pablo Rey Mázon, Miguel Rodríguez Cruz); Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo

Location: São Paulo, Brazil, 2007

Tools: Website