For Squat

For Squat

Proposal/Official document

Reuben Kincaid Realty encourages people to identify and inhabit homes that are recently foreclosed and or vacant. We put signs on homes that are ready "For Squat".

Reuben Kincaid Realty is investigating solutions to the housing crisis in America. We have selected resources and online articles that can teach you more about the re-housing movement and alternatives to homelessness.

In many countries squatting is not illegal. In fact there are many programs that match vacant properties to those seeking shelter to provide low cost and very affordable options to home ownership .

As foreclosures, evictions and homelessness increases in the US, Reuben Kincaid Realty is highlighting potential re-housing policies and practices with the hope that it receives more critical attention and praxis.


everyone can help identify properties that could be used to rehouse the homeless.

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