Table Attracts Neighbours

#87. Table Attracts Neighbours

Hypothèses d’amarrages, Montréal, 2001- 2003 Photograph by Luc Lévesque © SYN-

Vacant lot

A series of related spatial “moorings” and “insertions” composed of mobile pool, foosball, and picnic tables designed to offer residents opportunities for easy interaction with trivialized urban spaces. Simple interventions, like placing a picnic table between two highway columns, function as invitations to engage with the site. Another project attached wheels to pool and foosball tables, which were rolled around Montréal and Paris, inviting neighbours to interact with each other and cross barriers of class and wealth. SYN- atelier d’exploration urbaine, or “urban exploration workshop,” engages in urban exploration from the perspective of intervention and research.


SYN- atelier d’exploration urbaine (Luc Lévesque, Jean-Francois Prost, Jean-Maxime Dufresne); residents of Montréal and Paris

Location: Montréal, Canada; Paris, France; since 2001

Tools: Modified ping-pong table, modified pool table, modified foosball table, picnic table


Low Effort