TAKE.A.PHOTO - Democracy of Culture / Identity as Export

TAKE.A.PHOTO - Democracy of Culture / Identity as Export


Civic participation.

A series of brightly-colored disposable cameras were anchored at several iconic locations around the city of Ann Arbor. They were hung with a small, loosely-instructional sign which invited anyone intrigued enough to read it, to take a photograph. The cameras exhausted, the photos were developed and posted (as promised by our sign) to the following blog, where participants could see their photos and explore those of others:


Once posted, approximately 50 of the original photographs were turned into Postcards of Ann Arbor and released into the ether by balloon, glass-bottle-in-river, semi-trailer and passenger train. The image of Ann Arbor exported, trying to make new intercity connections.

The experiment continues.


Patrons and passersby of the Fleetwood Diner, sledders at Nichol's Arboretum, students at the University of Michigan, shoppers of the Kerrytown Marketplace, and two hapless architecture students.

Location: Ann Arbor, MI January 17 - 19, 2009

Other Tools: Light gauge cable, cutters, a populace.