Terraced Park Coalition (TPC)

Terraced Park Coalition (TPC)

Proposal/Official document

The Terraced Park Coalition (TPC) is an ongoing project, and marks my first large-scale endeavor involving interactive installation and performance. The inaugural TPC event occurred in the summer of 2007 at the “Golden Staircase,” a public stairway in the Parkside neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. Ultimately, the TPC aims to bring temporary and permanent public art to public stairways throughout the City of Boston.

The first image contains an overview of the TPC’s mission, and an artist’s rendition of the Golden Staircase with mosaic stairs. Both the overview and the rendition were displayed at the stairway during the event. The second image contains images of Modern Stoopball in action, and instructions for game-play. These instructions and game equipment (balls) were presented to the public during the event. The third image documents a theatrical performance on the Golden Staircase. At the base of the stairway a bellhop greeted passersby, and offered to carry their bags up the stairs.


Musicians, actors, Stoopball players, Chalk Chance players, chalk artists, slinky players, can phone players...

Location: The Golden Staircase, Jamaica Plain, MA June 10, 2007

Other Tools: musical instruments, can phones, slinky, chalk