Timing for the Next Trash Dash

#16. Timing for the Next Trash Dash

© Basurama


Most cities have scheduled days each month when oversized garbage, like furniture, is picked up in each neighbourhood. Basurama, a collective interested in urban waste, helps residents looking for furniture or appliances to travel to a particular neighbourhood on the correct date and at the right time. Basurama relays the scheduling information and organizes transportation for street shoppers interested in saving money and avoiding waste. Basurama was formed in 2002 at the Madrid School of Architecture. The collective works in Europe, the United States, and South America.


Basurama (Yago Bouzada Biurrun, Benjamin Castro Terán, Alberto Nanclares da Veiga, Juan López-Aranguren Blázquez, Rubén Lorenzo Montero, Manuel Polanco Pérez-Llantada, Pablo Rey Mázon, Miguel Rodríguez Cruz); city residents

Location: Majorca, Spain, 2006; Madrid, Spain, 2007

Tools: Municipal website, car