Tokyo Disassembles for Easy Recycling

#3. Tokyo Disassembles for Easy Recycling

Recycling Tokyo, 2008 ©Atelier Bow-Wow


Forty-three proposals for the recycling of an entire city critical of helplessness in the face of a environment exhausted of possibility. Atelier Bow-Wow show how Tokyo can be disassembled into pieces of various sizes, from parking spaces to alleyways and whole buildings; the proposed re-uses range from turning buildings into sundials, to planting tomatoes on fences, and cutting footbridges in half to make observation points.
Critically fanciful, Recycling Tokyo reveals possibilities inherent to the city that would be otherwise obscured by habit and convention.
Atelier Bow-Wow, founded in Tokyo in 1992, is known for innovative urban research on multi-purpose, hybrid architecture, as well as very small-scale projects they call “Pet Architecture.”


Atelier Bow-Wow (Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima); Architecture Institute of Japan students

Location: Tokyo, Japan, 2002

Tools: Pen, paper