tracking the urban acupuncture points: The Dead Zone

tracking the urban acupuncture points: The Dead Zone

Vacant lot

“Câble” is the fruit of an intuitive investigation of the layer structure founded in and by public space (its districts, its ways, its passers by, its architectonic).
This research was the occasion to use the street like model for prospective customer, thus to transform the delicate gesture of the pencil on sheet, in a concrete act creating an uncontrolled and instantaneously chain reaction.
The scenario results from the need of investing this space, by the means of the performance used like a exquisite corpse, introducing a disturbing element (the “greenman”), which comes to reveal, by chain reaction, the tensions or borders in gestation in the layout of public street space.

“Greenman”, by its automatic and obstinate ambulation, act like a bruitist spider secreting with his passage a trace “bluring” the existing limits of this external space, awaking under its steps the sensorial patchwork and the social fabric.
In contact with its deforming course, it draws progressively the first steps of an exquisite corpse. The goal being to create an interference between the segmented space-the street- and its principal actor-the pedestrian-.
The secretion of this bond between disparate situations converges towards the crossing idea of the rumour, being able to exist thanks to the circulations laminated in the atmosphere between delimited spaces.
To exist in the movement of the city, this practice and its democratization necessary must pass by successive colonization thus re-establishing a dialogue between the Man and his daily urban environment.


[César Daoud] + [Archiligth]

Location: Paris 2006

Other Tools: Playing