Traffic Planning with Lie Detectors

#72. Traffic Planning with Lie Detectors

© Christian Nold

High tech gadget

A Galvanic Skin Response unit with a GPS transmitter that records the physiological arousal of its wearer on the principal of a lie detector, the Bio Mapping apparatus records user responses as they take ‘emotion walks’ through the city. The results are then aggregated and mapped using computer software to produce emotion maps. Users’ comments are overlaid onto the maps, which use intense colours and vertical peaks to indicate areas of high excitement.
Bio Mapping was developed by Christian Nold, an artist, designer and educator who works to develop new, participatory models for communal representation. 


Christian Nold; over 1500 volunteers

Location: London, United Kingdom; internationally; since 2004

Tools: Galvanic Skin Response Unit, GPS transmitter, mapping software


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