Trainbrirds / Zugvögel: Make the city your living room.

Trainbrirds / Zugvögel: Make the city your living room.

Urban furniture

Trainbirds enter the Berlin Ringbahn on a tuesday evening
Trainbirds invite to use public transport differently
Trainbirds are calling to playfully use urban space
Trainbirds express a positive awareness of life in the city
Trainbirds inspires for alternative forms of encounter and travel
Trainbirds is an open call to re-appropriate public transport


Trainbirds is a Berlin-based urban repair squad. We are a bunch of people from all over Europe who met in Berlin to experiment with urban space. We want to create authentic situations of playful encounter and adventure. Sustainability is our mission. Public transport is green and social and interactive.

Location: Berlin Ringbahn / circle line February 24th

Other Tools: Tea, coffee, biscuits, hangers, lampions, curtains, etc.