Trash Dump Revives Borough

#68. Trash Dump Revives Borough

ReBuilders Source warehouse and store, South Bronx, 2008 Photo : Gia Freilla

Construction site

A worker-owned cooperative that sorts and repairs scrap dumped in the South Bronx from construction and demolition sites all over New York City. Their store, ReBuilders Source, resells the building materials in the Bronx and online. Rather than fighting the enormous infrastructure that exists to move waste into the South Bronx, ReBuilders Source creates jobs, improves the borough, and protects the environment by diverting material from landfills.

Omar Freilla is an environmental justice activist who works to redress the impacts of harmful environmental conditions on low-income communities of colour. He is the founder and director of Green Worker Cooperatives (GWC), an organization for the creation of worker-owned and environmentally friendly businesses in the South Bronx.


ReBuilders Source (Omar Freilla)

Location: South Bronx, New York, USA, since 2006

Tools: Construction waste dump


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