Truck Tires Relax Pedestrians

#92. Truck Tires Relax Pedestrians

Lazy chairs installed in Durban, Jan Körbes, 2008

Vacant lot

Thirty “Lazy” chairs and fifteen “Four-Meal Drive” picnic tables made out of tires were put in a public park, allowing people to rest. A public market grew up around the site in Durban. Twelve more “Lazy” chairs were placed in bus shelters where the city of Durban had supplied only metal railings to lean on. The chairs and the picnic tables were made of defective tires diverted from the landfill and simply joined with screws. Assembly was rapid, and the furniture was installed in one afternoon. Millegomme is an international collective who work with tires.


Millegomme (Jan Körbes, Mantas Lesauskas, Denis Oudendijk)

Location: Durban, South Africa, 2008

Tools: Tires, drill, screws, pickup truck


Low Effort