Umbrellas Join Forces for Shelter

#8. Umbrellas Join Forces for Shelter

© Yoshie Nishikawa

Vacant lot

There are umbrellas in every city. As one umbrella is a cheap, portable shelter for a single person, many can become shelter for a group of people. The Umbrella House is made of ordinary umbrellas modified with extra flaps and zippers sewn on the edges. The umbrellas are combined to form a simple structure with flexible dimensions and no program. Any number of entrances and windows can be made in this “house for all.” Kengo Kuma and Associates was founded in 1990. Its principal, Kengo Kuma, has been practising materially oriented architecture since the 1980s.


Kengo Kuma and Associates

Location: Milan, Italy, 2008

Tools: Minimum of three modified umbrellas