Urban Camp Hotel

Urban Camp Hotel

Proposal/Official document

Winner of an honorable mention on the Palm enRoute Competition for Mobility Design edition 2008.

Urban Camp Hotel
What about camping in the city? Sounds crazy?

Urban Camp Hotel hosts for camping freaks and city lovers to experience accommodation in a different way.
Forget design and boutique hotels, the Urban Camp Hotel is the new way to see lodging; a way where mobility spirit becomes sustainable for/by the city; an authentic Canadian brand to export.

Urban Camp Hotel is like the typical camp but placed in the city.

Urban Camp Hotel can be installed temporarily on specific sites where it is favourable and attractive for the travelers for a new experience of the city but –and here comes its particularity- favourable also for the city. And this is the part where Urban Camp Hotel becomes sustainable, because it would serve as a catalyst for restoring neglected spaces, a detonator for future regeneration in the cityscape panorama, an urban laboratory.

Urban Camp Hotel can be installed for example in: abandoned buildings or without an actual determinated use, empty lot spaces, unused or unprofitable parking lots, seasonable vacant spaces, unused building roofs, etc.
It can also be part to a particular city event, such as a festival, a fair, a convention, a celebration, etc.

Because of its temporary character, it is easy to install and to remove without a trace, being non-polluting for the cityscape. And the best part, because it is in constantly moving on city’s spaces, the surround setting would never be the same, always changing; a real mobile lodge for nomads.



camping freaks and city lovers

Location: Everywhere on the city May 2008