Vietnamese Farm Feeds New Orleans

#71. Vietnamese Farm Feeds New Orleans

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Proposal/Official document
Vacant lot

An 11-hectare community farm located in an area severely damaged by hurricane Katrina, Viet Village Urban Farm was designed by residents of New Orleans East with architects Mossop + Michaels to restore a thirty-year old tradition of backyard farming that ended with the hurricane. The plan includes a market to resell excess produce and an ecologically-sensitive infrastructure to support traditional farming. Viet Village Urban Farm won the 2008 American Society of Landscape Architects Analysis and Planning Award of Excellence. The first phase – about a quarter of the final project – will be completed in 2009.


Residents of New Orleans East; Mossop + Michaels Landscape Architects; Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation

Location: East New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 2008

Tools: Planning proposal


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