Walk Charges Cellphone

#97. Walk Charges Cellphone

© Emili Padrós

High tech gadget

Conceptual and experimental designs for a personal energy harvester that charges portable electronic devices by capturing the energy of footsteps. While each human step produces a minuscule amount of energy, a day’s worth of walking could power medical implants, watches, lights, and cellphones.
Non-Stop Shoes are a conceptual model produced in association with the footwear company Camper, while the Parasitic Power Shoes were a pilot project developed at MIT.
Emili Padros is an industrial designer from Barcelona. He founded the Emiliana Design Studio in 1996 with Ana Mir. Joe Paradiso is an associate professor at MIT, he directs the Responsive Environments Group. Nathan S. Shenck worked with Professor Paradiso as the C.S. Draper Laboratory Fellow at MIT.


Emili Padros; Joe Paradiso, Nathan S. Shenck

Location: Barcelona, Spain; Boston, USA; 1999

Tools: Shoes


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