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Wpa 2010

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http://www.christopher-robbins.com/WPA2010/ Bringing back the WPA (Works Progress Administration / Work Projects Administration), because the US Government won't. An experiment in alternative funding to do what our government should be, directly. During the last Great Depression, the WPA employed millions, repairing roads, building parks, and other public works. It reached out directly to people who needed it most, creating projects way outside the Government's usual remit. So, I will work with community-members to identify needed public work, and hire unemployed people to repair them, all under the auspices of the USA WPA 2010. I am currently silk-screening construction equipment with the WPA 2010 logo, building the WPA-2010 website, and have selected several community members to begin to work with. I will soon put out an open call for projects to be funded and managed by this initiative, so please contact me if you would like to get involved! http://www.christopher-robbins.com/WPA2010/ In every community in the United States, there are small projects that deserve attention, unemployed people, and a sense of disjunct from current relief efforts. By using existing structures and a top-down approach, the current American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ignores small-scale local projects, and, unlike its WPA precursor, doesn't present new kinds of work opportunities for the average out-of-work person. This project creates a needed alternative, and an expectation for similar Government programs. It can provide a feeling of unity with our Government, a real example of working together in small but important ways in our local community.


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