Early Work and Miscellaneous Records
Part of:
  • Cedric Price (creator)
  • Cedric Price (architect)
  • Cedric Price (archive creator)

Early Work and Miscellaneous Records



Level of archival description:
Extent and medium:
  • 1.07 l.m. of textual records
    113 drawings
    69 reprographic copies
    8 photographs
    2 model
    2 collages
Scope and content:
File documents Cedric Price's early work (before 1960), some of it undertaken on behalf of other architects (Drew Drake & Lasdun), smaller projects, and miscellaneous project records, including unrealized project proposals, architectural competitions, self-financed research, and consultation.

Material includes mostly conceptual and presentation drawings, some design development drawings and photographic material, as well as, a few detail and construction drawings. Many of the smaller projects include only a few drawings or photographs and some only contain textual records.

Early projects include: renovations to the premises of Balding & Mansell; a model titled 'Projural at Cadogan Place/for N. Fraser Esq'; Oldham Pub; Corby Civic Centre and Small Jobs; Department Store display; Bradwell Lodge (Essex); Pearson House; Bachelors' quarters, Nigeria; Guest house Gachsaran, Iran; display and service table for the Architectural Association dining room (London); Decorative panel for the School of Engineering, University of Liverpool; basement extension for Sheila Delaney; shop conversion at 25 Pembridge Road (London); proposed exhibition stand for Granwood Flooring Co. Ltd; Ardyne Point; Trocadero; material on fish farming (see also DR2004:1298 in Series 3); renovation at 41 Newport Street (Oldham); and renovations at 27 Witley Court on Coram Street (Bloomsbury).

File also contains material for the following minor projects: Theatre Project, New York; Competition Vaux Brewery; Competition Liverpool University; Cinema Picadilly; Cap Benat Villa (Cote d'Azur, France); U.S. Trade Centre (St James's Street, London); Tunisia (Report on Tourism); design for Kasmin Gallery, for the Anthony Hill Exhibit; Trog; Anti-University (London); Army; Ellis Hillman Extension; Chelsea FC Sports; Picstate; C.S.P.; J.R.D.; Seaside; R.H.D.R.; Glubble; Crucifix; Oil; Cardington; Commin; Trust; Jubilee; SS '91; USIT; FRIAR; Sensor; Trak; Pruda; Yorskhire, AA 150th Competition; Viaduct; Island; ECH; Plaspot; GEE; Donew; INIVA; Treehouse; and Stuttgart Competition. The project National School Plan (1964-1966) contains a proposal by Cedric Price for restructuring architectural education in the United Kingdom.

File also contains material for Almshouses, at Lindow Lodge in Lancaster, England, and Parish Hall, in Middleton, Lancaster by C. B. Pearson & Son, Architects, for which Price's involvement is unclear.

Miscellaneous record files include an unidentified interior perspective drawing; office instructions for pre-planning considerations for large festival sites; drawings that illustrate the office working method; a summary of Australian work; a summary of current ideas, as well as, various unidentified projects.

'TRDG' appears as a variant title for Trog (DR1995:0234).
'Comstutt' and 'Stuttgart' appear as variants titles for 'Stuttgart Competition' (DR1995:0258).
'Placemark' appears as a variant title for 'Plaspot' (DR2004:1286).
'Boys House, Stowe School', 'Stowe Buckingham', and 'New Boys House, Stowe School', appear as variant titles for 'Treehouse' (DR2004:1293).
'New Aviary, Cap Benat' and 'Aviary Project - Cap Benat, France' appear as variant titles for 'Cap Benat Villa'.
'Platou - Oil Platforms' appears as a variant title for 'Oil' (DR2004:1299 and DR2004:1300).
DR1995:0168:001-003 and DR1995:0169:001-008 are attributed to Fry Drew Drake & Lasdun, although Cedric Price appears as the draughtsman.
Group DR1995:0173 contains drawings attributed to C. B. Pearson & Son, Architects.
Group DR2004:1354 contains a site plan attributed to SAG Cook, RIBA, Borough Architect.
Photographs in DR2006:0086 and DR2004:1276 in Early Work and Miscellaneous Records (AP144.S2.D1) are attributed to Charles B. Pearson & Son Architects.
Simister and Sutcliffe are associate architects for the renovations at 41 Newport Street, Oldham (DR2006:0080).
Reference number:




Language of material:
  • Documents are in English, German, French, and other languages.
Related units of description:
  • The following groups in Early Work and Miscellaneous Records (AP144.S2.D1) contain material related to other projects: Group DR1995:0260 contains sketches that also relate to LEU (AP144.S2.D79). Group DR2004:1309 contains material for Rink (AP144.S2.D160). Group DR2004:1310 contains correspondence for Halmag (AP144.S2.D178). Group DR2004:1311 contains material that is labelled McVance (see AP144.S2.D176). Group DR2006:0077 contains collage and sketches for Generator (AP144.S2.D100), conceptual sketches for Parc (AP144.S2.D119), and a photograph for Potteries Thinkbelt (AP144.S2.D56). Group DR2004:1290 contains material related to INIVA, which can also be found Exhibitions, Galleries, Competitions, CP Resumes (AP144.S3.D15). The following groups in other projects contain material related to projects found in Early Work and Miscellaneous Records (AP144.S2.D1): Group DR2004:1096 in Bedford (AP144.S2.D120) contains material for Cardington (DR1995:0323). Group DR2004:0409 in AA Exhibition (AP144.S2.D126) contains material for 'Oil' (DR2004:1299 and DR2004:1300).

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