Fluxusignment 46: Collective Voice - a Collaborative Poem-Sculpture

Fluxusignment 46: Collective Voice - a Collaborative Poem-Sculpture


This interactive installation was created for Axiom Gallery's Carnival of the Arts. Fluxusignment 46 addresses sustainable practice and community dialogue. A “Ground-scored” desk, i.e. an abandoned desk acquired from a curbside, was painted with white gesso and installed in the plaza outside the Green Street MBTA station. During the carnival passersby were encouraged to add a word or words to the desk with stencils and paint pens. The resulting collaborative poem-sculpture is an expression of the collective voice of the carnival attendees. Supplementing the desk was a text defining and praising the term and practice of Ground-scoring. The attached image includes this text and documentation of the creative process. The altered desk will be sold at silent auction to benefit Axiom Gallery at an upcoming event.


Carnival attendees (general public)

Location: Southwest Corridor Park, Jamaica Plain, MA July 12, 2008

Other Tools: stencils