Forager Eats Traffic Island

#10. Forager Eats Traffic Island

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Urban vegetation

Foraging is the identification and collection of wild edible or medicinal plants. While successful foraging requires specialized knowledge, experience, and a lack of competition, it offers a relationship to food production and the local landscape critical of urban or rural simplification. Foraging in cities is more difficult than in the country, but there are many useful and edible plants growing on curbs, in yards, and on road medians. Since his university days, Fergus Drennan has sustained himself with the plants he finds growing wild in and around British cities, as well as roadkill. He provided regionally foraged produce to London restaurants and is attempting a year-long diet of foraged-only food.


Fergus Drennan

Location: none

Tools: London, United Kingdom, and surroundings, since 1990