Collection Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg

Collection Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg

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Personnes et institutions

  • Giovanni Pasanella (archive creator)
  • Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg (archive creator)


Collection Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg

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  • archives

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  • 1377 drawings (including reproductions)
  • 0.45 linear metres of textual records
  • 7 digital files (284 KB)

Présentation du contenu

The Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg collection is related to the work of Giovanni Pasanella and the offices “Giovanni Pasanella Architect”, “Merz & Pasanella”, “Pasanella + Klein” and “Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg”. The collection consists chiefly of drawings related to a selection of projects dating from 1966 to 2007. Most of the projects are located in the Northeastern United States, chiefly in New York City or in New York State, and include housing projects in the Bronx and in Little Italy, college buildings at the State University College at Potsdam and the recycling of an Asphalt plant near the East River as a sports and arts centre. There is also material for a project site in Jamaica. A substantial amount of material in the collection is related to the Seagram Building at 375 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. Beginning in 1973, Giovanni Pasanella and his partners were responsible for the space planning and interior design for this landmark skyscraper designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson in the 1950s. The collection includes drawings and textual documentation related to renovation projects for the Park Avenue skyscraper, as well as copies of original drawings from the 1950s which served as a record against which modifications to the building could be measured. Promotional material in the Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg collection consists of printed prospectuses for Giovanni Pasanella’s architectural practice and a wooden box containing mock-ups of promotional material.

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Mode de classement

The collection is organized in two series:

AP154.S1. Architectural projects

AP154.S2. Office brochures

Histoire administrative

Giovanni Pasanella was born in New York in 1931, and educated at the Cooper Union (1949-1953) and at Yale University (1954-1958). He was in private practice as Giovanni Pasanella Architect from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. During the period 1966-1967 he worked on some projects in collaboration with Joseph Merz. In 1975, together with J. Arvid Klein, he founded the firm Pasanella + Klein. A prospectus for the firm dating from the early 1980s describes Pasanella + Klein as an architectural and urban planning firm engaged in educational, institutional, commercial, residential, interior design and alternative energy projects.

A book on the residential projects of Pasanella + Klein, edited by Alessandra Latour, was published by Edizioni Kappa in 1983. In the same year, an exhibition of the work of Pasanella + Klein was presented at Columbia University in New York.

Henry Stolzman joined Pasanella + Klein in 1978 and became a partner in 1986. Wayne Berg joined the firm in 1986 and became a partner in 1987. The firm became known as Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg in 1992. Wayne Berg died on February 25, 1999.

A monograph on the work of Pasanella + Klein, Stolzman + Berg, compiled by Oscar Riera Ojeda, was published by Rockport Publishers in 1999.

Sherida Paulsen joined Pasanella + Klein, Stolzman + Berg in 1999. In 2007 the firm became known as PKSB. Henry Stolzman died in August of 2012. William Fellows and Tim Witzig, both of whom had previously collaborated with the firm, became principals in 2007 and 2012 respectively.


Centre canadien d’architecture. Archives. Catalogue des fonds et collections, octobre 1984.

Pasanella + Klein: prospectus, 1983.

Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg. Gloucester, Mass.: Rockport Publishers, c1999.

PKSB website, viewed September 16, 2016.

Merkel, Jayne. Henry Stolzman, 1945-2012, in, The architects newspaper, August 13, 2012.

Conditions d’accès

  • The Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg collection is open for use by qualified researchers. Access by appointment only.

Conditions de réproduction

  • For copyright information or permission to reproduce material from the fonds, please contact the CCA (reproductions@cca.qc.ca).

Modalités d’entrée

  • Gifts of Giovanni Pasanella 1983, 2000. Gift of Arvid Klein, 1993. Gift of Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg via Tom Stetz, 2007. A substantial portion of this collection (approximately 600 drawings and some textual records) was the gift of Giovanni Pasanella in 1983 and 2000. The bulk of the material related to the Seagram Building project was gifted by Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg in 2007. A document related to the Reed Library at the State University of New York College at Fredonia was gifted by J. Arvid Klein in 1993.

Historique de la conservation

In 1983, Giovanni Pasanella donated to the American Friends of the Canadian Centre for Architecture over 400 drawings related to his own architectural work and to work that he had done in collaboration with Joseph Merz (Merz & Pasanella) and with Arvid Klein (Pasanella + Klein). At the time of the donation the drawings were located at the residence of Giovanni Pasanella. At some time between 1983 and 1988 the drawings were transferred from his residence to the office of Pasanella + Klein in New York City and from there they were transferred to the Canadian Centre for Architecture in 1988.

In 1993 J. Arvid Klein, then of Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg, sent a spiral-bound volume related to the Reed Library at the State University of New York College at Fredonia to then CCA Director (now Founding Director Emeritus) Phyllis Lambert, who accepted it as an addition to the CCA’s files on the firm.

In or before January 2000, Giovanni Pasanella transferred 132 drawings and some textual records to the office of Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg. These documents were offered to the CCA and were transferred to the CCA in March of 2000.

In 2007, architect Tom Stetz, formerly of Pasanella + Klein, facilitated the donation by Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg to the CCA of 877 drawings and a box of textual documentation related to the Seagram Building at 375 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Notes de l’archiviste

  • The Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg collection was processed and described by Mary Louise Gordon in 2015-2016. The Seagram Building drawings gifted by Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg in 2007 were initially inventoried by Glenn Brown in 2008.

Mention de crédit

When citing the collection as a whole, use the citation: Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg collection, Collection Centre Canadien d’Architecture/Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal. When citing specific collection material, please refer to the object’s specific credit line.

Langue et écriture des documents


Autres instruments de recherche

  • Previously, the 1983 gift of Giovanni Pasanella was referred to as Fonds Giovanni Pasanella/ Giovanni Pasanella Archives. This title was used in the publication: Centre Canadien d’Architecture. Archives. Catalogue des fonds et collections. Montréal: Centre canadien d’architecture, octobre 1984, leaves 15-16.

Sources complémentaires

  • The CCA also holds the following materials related to the Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg collection: A presentation drawing of a domestic architecture project by Giovanni Pasanella—the Richard Lemon House in Bedford, New York (1963) (DR1999:0027); Three prints by Giovanni Pasanella representing landscapes, dated 1983 (DR1985:0254, DR1985:0255, DR1985:0256); There is also a series in the Peter Eisenman fonds that contains work of other architects, including a project file on renovations to the Bentley School by the firm Pasanella + Klein (1978—AP143.S11.D1)

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