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James Viloria travaille sur divers projets à la Division des collections du CCA depuis près de 10 ans. / James Viloria has worked in the CCA Collections Division on various projects for nearly 10 years.

18 June, James Viloria

Snow was general all over Tokyo


11 June, James Viloria

Snow on Dior


7 June, James Viloria

Home in Kita Aoyama, Tokyo

The formal purity of my apartment and its warm modern furnishings welcomed quietude…


6 June, James Viloria

Prayers left by visitors, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo


5 June, James Viloria

Sun setting beyond the inner precinct of the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

Dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken, the Meiji Shrine, located in a forested space in the centre


23 May, James Viloria

Loving Being Lost in Translation

Unable to communicate in Japanese, there was comfort in Tokyo’s highly organized infrastructure…


22 May, James Viloria

The Hills - Omotesando


20 May, James Viloria

Tokyo is Peaceful