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Alexandra McIntosh est Éditeur du site web du CCA et du microsite de l'exposition Perspectives de vie. / Alexandra McIntosh is Editor of the CCA website and the Some Ideas on Living exhibition microsite.

19 December, Alexandra McIntosh

Where it All Begins Again

One of the first posts on this microsite was a view into the


1 October, Alexandra McIntosh

(B)logging On

The (B)log On to Some Ideas event this past Saturday during the Journées de la culture


13 August, Alexandra McIntosh

Observatory of Urban Lifestyles

As of 2007, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities


11 August, Alexandra McIntosh

Naoya Hatakeyama’s Tokyo?


31 July, Alexandra McIntosh

More on Omotesando

Following a number of posts by James that depict SANAA-designed buildings on Omotesando


8 July, Alexandra McIntosh

Some Ideas in Montréal

Greg Lynn, Yung Ho Chang, and Mirko Zardini in conversation during the CCA’s second annual presentation of Urgency on 13 June 2008.


26 June, Alexandra McIntosh

London Festival of Architecture

The month-long London Festival of Architecture 2008 is now under way across


28 May, Alexandra McIntosh

Some Ideas in the City

A continuation of my recent comments in relation to the use