1 October, Alexandra McIntosh

(B)logging On

The (B)log On to Some Ideas event this past Saturday during the Journées de la culture generated some interesting discussion around the uses of social media and blogging, on such topics as:

Why we blog; how we can maintain an openness to multiple voices and opinions that may diverge from our own; the melding of public and private spheres; how we sort through the noise of content on the Internet; and how or what archivists will conserve for the future.

And despite the participants’ online activeness, all seemed to appreciate the importance of face to face interaction that is possible in an informal discussion such as this one.

For a thread of the conversation, see onelinr.

Thanks again to Fady Atallah, Mouna Andraos, Véronique Boisjoly, Steven Mansour, Christine Préfontaine, and Evan Prodromou for the discussion and to all those in attendance for your participation and comments.

We’ll be sure to do this again.

Photo by Isabelle Petit © Canadian Centre for Architecture.


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