4 November, Services éducatifs / Educational Services

Some Ideas on Living in Montréal - Field Notes 2

The second in a series of impressions written by the Educational Services team in relation to the Some Ideas on Living in Montréal program for students.

À l’ombre de Paris, Coloniale Street, YH2, architects, 2001

A few steps down the road, we see a porte cochère from the 19th century. A bright yellow portal attracts our attention, and in an instant we have changed eras. From the outside this house tells us little, but at the same time indicates the contemporary era. The house enters into dialogue with our curiosity and our questions of being at home, today, in the city.

Hôtel de Ville Street

The balconies are the same - we could even have a conversation with the neighbours - but the gesture is contemporary, and combines multiple eras. Behind the chequer-patterned brick, one can observe the street without being seen.

Twin House, Laval Street, Build architects, 1997

Separating twins can be a difficult task… And living vertically in a tight spot wouldn’t prevent us from moving around with ease. Taking a few steps back, we notice fir trees growing on the roof… maybe a communal garden?


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