17 November, Services éducatifs / Educational Services

Some Ideas on Living in Montréal - Field Notes 3

The last in a series of impressions written by the Educational Services team in relation to the Some Ideas on Living in Montréal workshop for students.

Box House, Saint-Christophe Street, Build architects, 1999

Strolling through in an inhabited laneway, one discovers this box-like dwelling with an industrial feel. It marks the halfway point of the alley. Peeking into the side of the house, one senses how light reaches the interior.

Pavot Rouge, Saint-Christophe Street, YH2, architects, 2007

The openings are generous, much more so than the neighbours’. They seem to offer a privileged viewpoint on the  alley’s quiet activity.

Below, openings have been filled in; above, a rich red brick wraps the new dwelling.


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