Guide to archival holdings

Our collection is characterized by the presence of archives of complete works or projects that provide insight into the genesis and materialization of architectural ideas. The scope of the archives has changed over the years, with an increasingly contemporary and international focus.

The early years of the CCA were marked by acquisitions of Canadian archives, starting with those of Ernest Cormier and some of his contemporaries (such as Ludger and Paul M. Lemieux and Ross & Macdonald) and spanning the development of modernity in Quebec with the archives of Pierre Dionne, Jean Michaud, Guy Gérin-Lajoie, and several Arcop Group projects. During the 1990s, this direction was expanded with the acquisition of archives of practices active in the postwar period and particularly the 1960s and 1970s, such as those of Arthur Erickson, Humphrey Carver, and van Ginkel Associates, as well as of the landscape architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander.

The collection further developed as a source for research on Modernism through international archival collections on the work of Erik Gunnar Asplund, The Crystal Chain group, J.J.P. Oud, Mart Stam, Frank Lloyd Wright, and over eight hundred drawings, notes, and photographs by and related to the work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The generous donation in 2011 of the Pierre Jeanneret archive complements our Le Corbusier collection, ranging in date from 1911 to 1965, which is the most significant outside France.

Starting in the late 1990s, the CCA actively pursued archival acquisitions of contemporary practices, including those of Peter Eisenman, John Hejduk, Gordon Matta-Clark, Cedric Price, Aldo Rossi, and James Stirling/Michael Wilford. This line of acquisitions moves into the twenty-first century with the generous donations of the archives of Álvaro Siza, Ábalos&Herreros, and Foreign Office Architects.

This activity is now primarily developed via gifts from work featured in CCA exhibitions and a growing interest in experimental practices in the area of environmental design. These include works by Gilles Clément and Philippe Rahm from the exhibition Environ(ne)ment; models by Ryue Nishizawa and Stephen Taylor featured in Some Ideas on Living in London and Tokyo, digital drawings and models of Greg Lynn’s Embryological House; early projects by Alessandro Poli in connection with the exhibition Other Space Odysseys; and projects by Bijoy Jain and Umberto Riva exhibited in Rooms You May Have Missed.

As part of the Archaeology of the Digital program—an investigation launched in 2012 into the incorporation of digital tools in architectural practice—we are facing new challenges regarding the preservation, description, and accessibility of digital archives. Archives now being processed include projects by Office dA, COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, Mark Goulthorpe, and R&Sie(n). Archives recently processed include Karl Chu, Preston Scott Cohen, Chuck Hoberman, Neil Denari, RUR Architecture, Johan Bettum, Kivi Sotamaa, Kas Oosterhuis, Ulrich Königs, KOL/MAC, Asymptote, Zaha Hadid Architects, and Morphosis.

List of archives

The following list of archives held at the CCA is organized alphabetically by last name, firm name, or project name.

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Ábalos&Herreros fonds (AP164)
Affleck, Desbarats, Dimakopoulos, Lebensold, Sise fonds (AP137)
Ray Affleck fonds (AP088)
Anyone Corporation fonds (AP116)
John S. Archibald collection (AP062)
Arcop Associates Maison Alcan project records (AP009)
Erik Gunnar Asplund collection (AP160)
Asymptote Architecture New York Stock Exchange project records (AP184)


Ballet Opera House fonds (AP070)
Ernest Isbell Barott fonds (AP003)
Claude Beaulieu fonds (AP048)
Coen Beeker Collection (CD035)
Johan Bettum OCEAN North project records (AP194)
John Bird fonds (AP108)
B.C. Binning fonds (AP069)
André Blouin fonds (AP038)
Philip David Bobrow fonds (AP044)
Brian Boigon fonds (AP188)
François Breton fonds (AP083)
Robert Burley fonds (AP067)


Peter Carter fonds (AP047)
Humphrey Carver fonds (AP020)
Peter Caspari fonds (AP123)
Centre Interculturel Strathearn fonds (AP105)
Charbonneau et Charbonneau architectes fonds (AP052)
Catherine Chard Wisnicki fonds (AP074)
Melvin Charney fonds (AP041)
Église Saint-Joachim de la Pointe-Claire fonds (AP122)
Karl Chu X Phylum project records (AP176)
Aldo Cibic Microrealities project collection (CD033)
Gilles Clément’s Manifesto for the “Environment” exhibition collection (AP161)
Cloud 9 Villa Nurbs project records (AP186)
Wells Coates fonds (AP030)
Preston Scott Cohen Eyebeam project records (AP190)
Complexe La Cité project site collection (AP035)
Concours Biennale de Venise 1996 fonds (AP095)
COOP HIMMELB(L)AU BMW Welt project records (AP181)
Ernest Cormier fonds (AP001)
Paul-Philippe Cret fonds (AP031)
May Cutler collection on Expo 67 (AP049)
Séraphin-A. Cyr fonds (AP040)


Roger D’Astous fonds (AP060)
Guillaume Jullian de la Fuente fonds (AP135)
Neil Denari Interrupted Projections project records (AP168)
Giovanni De Paoli and Pierlucio Pellisier fonds (AP146)
Victor Depocas fonds (AP028)
Guy Desbarats fonds (AP109)
Pierre Dionne fonds (AP006)
Chrystie L. Douglas fonds (AP043)
Barry Downs fonds (AP077)
Downsview Park Competition fonds (AP118)
Robert Duchesnay fonds (AP115)
Marius Dufresne fonds (AP081)
Roland Dumais fonds (AP005)
Pierre Du Prey fonds (AP133)
Luc Durand fonds (AP121)
Joseph-Armand Dutrisac (Église Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice) fonds (AP131)


Peter Eisenman fonds (AP143)
Arthur Erickson fonds (AP022)
Expotec-Canada fonds (AP092)


Fabrique de la Paroisse de Notre-Dame de Montréal fonds (AP099)
Faubourg Québec projects records (AP106)
Harold Lea Fetherstonhaugh fonds (AP063)
Kenneth Frampton fonds (AP197)
Rudolf Fränkel fonds (AP016)
Foreign Office Architects fonds (AP171)
Fujiwara, Gehry fonds (AP045)


Jean Gagné fonds (AP087)
Gilles Gagnon fonds (AP039)
Gardiner & Thornton architects fonds (AP084)
Roland Gariépy fonds (AP055)
Myron Goldsmith fonds (AP032)
Michel Goulet fonds (AP097)
Mark Goulthorpe Hyposurface project records (AP170)
Groupe de recherche sur Montréal fonds (AP051)
Günter Günschel fonds (AP187)


Zaha Hadid Architects Phaeno Science Centre project records (AP195)
David Haid fonds (AP034)
John Hejduk fonds (AP145)
Richard Henriquez fonds (AP059)
Robert Gall Heughan fonds (AP139)
Chuck Hoberman fonds (AP165)
F. Burrall Hoffman fonds (AP050)
Chas E. Horn et Lacroix et Piché fonds (AP072)
Housing on Toronto’s Main Streets fonds (AP065)


IFCCA Prize Competition for the Design of Cities fonds (AP103)
IIT - New Campus Center Competition fonds (AP113)
Hal Ingberg fonds (AP120)
Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies fonds (AP057)


Bijoy Jain fonds (AP182)
Pierre Jeanneret fonds (AP156)
Jones & Kirkland fonds (AP024)


Peter Kaffka fonds (AP094)
Hippolyte Kamenka fonds (AP042)
Douglas Kelbaugh fonds (AP153)
Die gläserne Kette collection (AP162)
KOL/MAC project records (AP185)
Ulrich Königs Chemnitz Stadium project records (AP183)
Kuwabara Payne Mckenna Blumberg fonds (AP056)


La Haye-Ouellet fonds (AP010)
Victor Landriault fonds (AP111)
Luc Laporte fonds (AP068)
Lawson & Little fonds (AP019)
Blanche Lemco van Ginkel fonds (AP058)
Georg Lippsmeier Collection (CD037)
Ludger and Paul-M. Lemieux fonds (AP002)
Georges-Étienne Léonard fonds (AP011)
Maxwell Levinson fonds (AP037)
Jeffrey Lindsay fonds (Senneville Barn Dome) (AP136)
A. Jacob Livinson photographs collection (AP015)


Reginald Malcolmson fonds (AP150)
Blaise Marchand fonds (AP086)
Gordon Matta-Clark collection (CP138)
Mayerovitch-Bernstein fonds (AP053)
Harry Mayerovitch fonds (AP054)
Père Joseph Michaud fonds (AP061)
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his students collection (CI007)
Jean Michaud fonds (AP012)
Milton Parc fonds (AP025)
Minimum Cost Housing Group fonds (AP149)
Montréal en projet fonds (AP085)
Morphosis Hypo Alpe-Adria Center project records (AP192)
Kiran Mukerji Collection (CD038)
Musée d’Art Contemporain fonds (AP007)
Barton Myers fonds (AP033)


Ryue Nishizawa records (AP191)


Cornelia Hahn Oberlander fonds (AP075)
Objectile fonds (AP169)
Olympic Arches Competition fonds (AP026)
Office dA project records (AP179)
OMA Universal Studios project records (AP082)
ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd] NSA Muscle project records (AP167)
J.J.P. Oud collection (CI005)
Jean Ouellet fonds (AP129)


Marcel Parizeau fonds (AP104)
John C. Parkin fonds (AP018)
Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg collection (AP154)
Zéphirin Perrault fonds (AP107)
PGL architectes fonds (AP014)
Alessandro Poli fonds (AP148)
Cedric Price fonds (AP144)
Victor Prus fonds (AP163)
Zdzislaw Przygoda fonds (AP126)



Philippe Rahm “Interior Weather” installation records (AP189)
Roger-Bruno Richard fonds (AP036)
Umberto Riva fonds (AP180)
Rohault de Fleury collection (CI001)
Peter Rose fonds (AP046)
Jacques Rousseau fonds (AP066)
Aldo Rossi fonds (AP142)
Ross & Macdonald fonds (AP013)
Max Wolfe Roth fonds (AP125)
Ann Hatfield Rothshild collection (AP155)
RUR Architecture Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library project records (AP177)
R&Sie(n) project records (AP193)


The SAAL Process exhibition collection (CD034)
Eero Saarinen collection (AP159)
Saucier + Perrotte fonds (AP130)
Seagram Building fonds (AP134)
Douglas Shadbolt fonds (AP102)
Shim-Sutcliffe fonds (AP110)
Harold Ship Alexis Nihon Plaza and Nuns’ Island Master Plan project records (AP128)
Paul Sicotte fonds (AP073)
Douglas C. Simpson fonds (AP076)
Hazen Sise fonds (AP112)
Álvaro Siza fonds (AP178)
Gordon Smith fonds (AP093)
Kivi Sotamaa OCEAN North project records (AP198)
Lars Spuybroek fonds (AP173)
Mart Stam collection (CI006)
Stelco fonds (AP017)
James Stirling/Michael Wilford fonds (AP140)
Gene Summers fonds (AP114)


Testa & Weiser project records (AP174)
A.D. Thacker fonds (AP004)
Trace fonds (AP029)
Frank T. Tingley fonds (AP021)


UNStudio Erasmus Bridge project records (AP175)


Hugh Vallance fonds (AP064)
Van Ginkel Associates fonds (AP027)
Charles B.K. Van Norman fonds (AP096)
Bill Vazan fonds (AP098)
John Vinci fonds (AP141)


G.J. Wautier fonds (AP089)
Wayfarers’ Chapel fonds (AP151)
Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe collection (AP071)
Wittington Place Competition fonds (AP117)



Peter Yeadon Prix de Rome project records (AP119)
Shoei Yoh fonds (AP166)


This page was last updated 15 February 2019.


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